1. Online Assessment

Register to take the leading online assessment to determine your current skills and experience interacting with people from other cultures. The results are strictly confidential and will be shared with you by one of our advisers in person or by video conference.

The assessment is also ideal for a group within an organization (sales, customer service, management). A group report (in addition to individual reports) is produced, showing the average score of the group which can be shared with managers and organization leaders. Progress of the group can be tracked easily.
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2. Consultation

With the results of your online assessment, we can provide a detailed plan for you or your organization to develop the skills needed to meet identified goals related to cross-cultural performance. The consultation process allows us to recommend customized solutions to fit your specific needs of individuals or groups.

You may start with an initial free consultation to start if you wish and we will give our initial recommendations.
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3. Training

Varied, flexible training and coaching is provided to meet your needs. From joining existing online webinars and courses to delivering customized training for groups at your organization anywhere in the USA or abroad. Training is centered around the 8 core elements of any culture with detailed data of target cultures, providing a precise strategy for developing skills and knowledge.

You may also wish to join an existing webinar or online course.
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4. Measuring Results

"What gets measured, gets improved." We can easily track the progress of groups during and after completing a training program using our assessment tools. Clear data measures improvement in performance and gives measurable value to training efforts. Many clients pleased with measurable results widen their training efforts to other areas of the organization. 
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