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    Are online courses live or recorded?
    All of our online courses are delivered live and are interactive with participants. We also customize the content to ensure the information is specific and relevant.
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    If I miss an online class, can I have access to a recording of that class?
    We do record all online classes. Those enrolled can have access to missed classes as needed or hear them again if you wish.
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    Why do you use the IDI and how important is it for me to be assessed?
    The IDI (Intercultural Development Inventory) is by far the leading tool in the industry in measuring cross-cultural skills and experience. It is vital to have a starting point so we can customize training and tasks to help you move up the scale. Without this information, your progress is likely to be much slower.
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    I'm confused if it is best to engage in customized training, online courses and/or coaching?
    For groups of 5+ we recommend customized training at your organization. For individuals or small groups, coaching combined with joining live, online courses will be more cost effective.
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    I'm planning to relocate to another country. Can you help me?
    We can certainly help you get ready for an international move. We can provide clear details about key tendencies to be aware of as well as cultural etiquette and logistical information.
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    I have actually just moved to America. Can you help me adjust to the culture here?
    We can certainly help you! You need to understand tendencies Americans have, and how these may vary by regions and cultural groups. We will look at your individual tendencies and help you develop effective ways to interact.
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